What do we do?

Jovi Exchange is a meticulously designed mobile application that allows you to send money abroad most easily and quickly at the lowest price of the transfer. This app will enable you to convert your currency and get the real exchange rate. 

What is an online money transfer?

Sending the money online through an online money transfer portal referred to as online money transfer.

What is the process of transferring money online?

  • Download Jovi Exchange mobile application
  • Log on to the Mobile application
  • Register yourself with necessary details
  • We shall guide you from thereon.

What is the exchange rate?

As different countries have different currencies. In money transfer, there is a transaction between the domestic currency and a foreign currency having different values and rates. The difference between the values and rates of two currencies will impact on the currency transaction.

What is the transaction fee?

We charge as a commission for offering our services to you referred to as Transaction fee.  Generally, we charge a transaction fee in percentage for the currency transaction.

What is the status of my transaction?

You can contact us through our email: [email protected] for checking the status of your transaction.

How do we conclude the currency rates?

We generate our currency rates through our reliable sources that are timely and accurate. For any inquiry, you can contact us through our email: [email protected]