Frequently Asked Questions

  • What will be the impact in my current business?

    Your current business will remain the same, but you will have more customers and more revenue. Customer support is handled by our call center and the paper work is minimal. Our free web-based system allows agents to fill in the required transaction information quickly and securely. The customer receives a receipt with our Call Center’s phone number. Once the request is in the system, we worry about the rest.

  • How long does it take to become an Agent?

    Becoming one of our agents takes a week on average. After a quick and easy registration process, you will need to obtain a computer and put up advertising material, which will be provided by us, free of charge.

  • What is your main advantage among other remittance services?

    We are money transfer group based in Europe. We provide:

    • A free on-line system
    • A business model with no upfront costs
    • A support system and customer agents in several languages
    • Fast and secure remittances
    • Commissions based on transactions.

  • What do I need to be an agent?

    Become an agent and watch your business income increase, whislt drawing in more and more customers. To become an agent you just need a computer, an internet connection, a scanner and a printer. Many agents see remittances as a secondary source of income, but with a rapid-growing activity, you may turn it into your main source of income in no time at all. We provide all necessary the training and support.

  • How much can I earn?

    • Our great prices and exchange rates are attractive in an increasingly competitive market.
    • Our agents receive good commissions seeing as we pay based on the transactions made.
    • Our reputation and our attractive prices will bring you more customers and greater revenue.