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Jovi Exchange service provides money transfer service with the most cost-efficient and the fastest way. You can send money to any country with over 160 countries.



Send Money

If you are looking for the most effective way to send money to a foreign country, then you can very well rely on our service. You can send money in your local currencies or using any of the foreign currencies to any of the countries. We have reached over more than 160 countries; you
can select any country that is listed on our network that has over 200,000 locations all over the
world. The transfer is easy; you can transfer or deposit money in any of our bank accounts and verify the information. Once you do it, you can quickly send money using our services to anywhere in the world and take advantage of all the benefits we provide.



Receive Money

Receiving money can be easy and fast. It can be for commercial and for personal purposes. We offer the competitive exchange rates with the lowest commission fees in the market. The service is fast and reliable and does invite any indirect cost. The exchange fees are easy to perform and there is no extra hidden cost, what else you need. You can easily receive money without any delay. Just use our service and receive money will never be hard for you. You can easily do it without worrying about anything.

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The last thing that you will need to do is become our customers to avail all of the services. You can easily pick up money from the available locations hassle-free. Everything will be done with no extra cost; all you need to do is submit your user ID for verification to us when you are registering. After that, whenever you want to pick up the money, you can show the valid ID document to confirm your identity. You will then receive the funds.

Our service is fast to use, and most probably in every scenario, the money is transferred and is available in less than 24 hours. However, at times it all depends on the country from which the money is received and the type of the payment method one has selected. Some of the countries take more time to transfer while some of the transfer methods are also time-consuming.

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happy clients